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Internet Edition No. 95 --- September 2013 ---
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Table of contents
Title Author
Guest Editorial:
      Spiritual Consumerism
Rev. Dr. Thomson K. Mathew
      Discerning the Will of God
      *** ***
Pastor Jason James, Houston, USA
      Love your enemies
      *** ***
Dr. George Samuel
Meditations from the Book of Job - 5:
      Tackling our problems
      with a different perspective
Dr. Shibu Cherian
      Conquer by Love
      *** ***
Sebastian P. Joseph, Mumbai
      Caution: Intrusion detected! (Part II)
      *** ***
Lijo P. Johnson, U.K.
Youth Forum
      Lessons from the "Ant"
Jaison Varghese
      News & Views
      *** ***
Johnson K. Samuel
      Letter to the newly wed daughter from her mother
      *** ***
Mary Mathew, Mumbai
Children's corner:
      Your God knows best!
Juby Anoop

Table of contents
Title Author
      Karthru praartthanayiley ettu vishayangal
      *** ***
Pastor Babu Cherian, Piravam
      Thanima nashtappedunna
      pentecosth samooham - 5
Pastor Veeyapuram Georgekutty
      Veroru suvishesham - Part 4
      *** ***
Pastor Shibu Joseph, Navi Mumbai
      Sabha Vaarthakal
      *** ***
      Sath vachanangal
      *** ***
      Yesuviney sraddhichu nokkuka
      *** ***
Pastor Ajesh P. Mathew, Mumbai
      Maharaashtrayilekku oru mission yaathra
      *** ***
Evg. Oommen Ebenezer

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