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Internet Edition No. 97 --- January 2014 ---
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Table of contents
Title Author
      New Year Greetings
Thomas Nainan
      Coming to Christ is an EVENT;
      Becoming like Christ is a JOURNEY!
Joseph Kurian, Houston, USA
Bible Study
      God's Book for mankind - Part 5:
      Sufficiency of the Bible
Dr. C.P. Varghese
Meditations on "Prayer" - 1:
      We are responsible for praying for our leaders
Dr. Shibu Cherian D.Min.,Ph.D.
Biography - 2
      Sadhu Sundar Singh:
      A modern Saul who met Jesus
Rev. Dr. John Cherian
      What is that in your hand?
      *** ***
Tommy Philip, Doha Pentecostal Assembly (IPC), Doha
Youth Forum
      When you pass through trials,
      Know that you are in God's hands!
Anoop Chacko, UK
      News & Views
      *** ***
Johnson K. Samuel
Children's corner:
      Are you Jesus?
Juby Anoop

Table of contents
Title Author
      Vettiyattu Cheriachan
      *** ***
      *** ***
Pastor Saji, Peechi
      Veroru suvishesham - Part 6
      *** ***
Pastor Shibu Joseph, Navi Mumbai
      Letters to Editor
      *** ***
      Naam thiru vachanathil koottu cherkunnavaro?
      *** ***
Pastor John V. Uthup, New Delhi
      Saahithya suvisesheekaranathintey prasakthi
      *** ***
Evg. Oommen Ebenezer, Thumpamon
      Sabha vaarthakal
      *** ***
      Sath vachanangal
      *** ***

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