----- "Let your light shine before men" (Matthew 5:16) -----

Dr. Ezhamkulam C. Samkutty

Dr. E.C.Samkutty's books have inspired multiple thousands of people
for the last 44 years---from 1971 to present.

To hear his messages, read his books, and listen to his songs,
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" Ezhamkulam Samkutty " or " E.C. Samkutty."

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Songs by E.C. Samkutty
Song: "Yehovah thannu" Song: "Athynnathan"

Sermons by E.C. Samkutty
"Husband - wife relationship" Message at Church of God Convention

Articles by E.C. Samkutty
"A memorable miracle in my life" "Bobby Jindal"

Samkutty's books, music, and sermons (CDs /DVDs)
Available at a very low price at:
Deepthi Publications
Near Ragam Textiles, Thiruvalla 689101
(maruppacha@gmail.com, maruppacha@yahoo.com)

Samkutty's autobiographical column every month

Samkutty's cartoon columns full of humor and wisdom
SWORGEEYA DWONI ("joythumpamon1@yahoo.com")"

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